Why do people seek help?

This is a question I ask every person that I work with and have found that are are many reasons why.  Here are a few examples.  One reason I have heard is that people feel a bit of a shift in their life whether it be internally or externally. They realize that something is not working but at this point may not be able to identify it or know what to do with it.

Another reason is that the person is in crisis and recognizes that he or she needs help (i.e financial difficulties, possible loss of relationships or children, etc).

Thirdly, it could be that a loves one, friend, or co worker has confronted the person with concerns over their behavior and fourthly it could be an ultimatum that has been given (get help or get out). These are just a few reasons why people may seek help but there are many more. 

What if I don't want to talk about certain things?

You don't have to.  You will never be forced to talk about something that you don't want too.  

What if I need help with non addiction things?

At any point throughout our sessions there maybe things that come up which are outside my scope of practice. If this occurs  we will work together to find the appropriate resources to met your needs.

Will I ever be fixed or cured?

Often family memebrs or loves ones think that once a person gets help that they are cured or fixed.  This is not the case. However, you can change and live a meaningful life that does not revolve around addiction.