What is addictions counselling?

Addiction counselling is  one aspect of assisting individual's or helping them reduce their involvement in harmful behaviors.  It is a safe non - judgmental environment where the client is supported, educated and assisted in terms of addiction, recovery or harm reduction. 

Addiction counselling is based on general counselling theories and treatment methods. These have been based on  specific alcohol/drug theory and research that has been geared towards treating substance use/abuse.

How does it work?

Sessions are usually 60 minutes in length, but can run a bit under or over depending on the individual. The first session maybe a bit longer, as this is the beginning of the therapeutic relationship and should be taken slowly. There is some important paper work to do  but this will unfold as sessions progress. Paper work could be in the form of  assessments & screening tools, life history, treatment planning etc.

Getting started?

In the beginning we will discuss areas of importance and together we create a treatment plan (short term goals and long term objectives) that is tailored to your needs. 

Sessions are structured around the plan but can veer off as issues may arise throughout the course of treatment.  Sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly and will be determined by client.