About Me

Carrie Harrison - CACC

I am a Certified Addiction Counsellor under the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation. 

I am certified in SMART Recovery (www.smartrecovery.org ) which allows me the opportunity to utilize the SMART tools on a regular basis with my clients.

I am also a member of NAADAC (National Association for Alcoholism and Drug Abuse Counsellors) and CTRI (Crisis & Trauma Resource Institute) and maintain an up to date awareness and knowledge of addiction issues.

Work Experience

I have several years of work experience in the field of addiction in both short term and long term care (private and public sectors). This has included individual, group, and family counselling. Through my work experience I have been able to work with clients (family, partners, etc) in all stages of recovery and also harm reduction. I have  had the pleasure of working with gender fluid individuals, persons of various ethnic backgrounds, and co-occurring disorders. 

I have taught many groups of various topics. These have included but are not limited too;  educational groups, process groups, women's groups, as well as teleconference groups. 

To give you an idea of some of the topics I have taught and discussed include but are not limited to; Relapse prevention (Marlatt & Gordon), Stages of Change (DiClemente & Prochaska), internal & external triggers and coping mechanisms,  emotions (SMART Recovery: evidence based addiction treatments including Cognitive & Behavioral therapy techniques and Motivational interviewing), life skills - relationship issues, boundaries, communication skills, etc.


My practice is situated in the beautiful town of Annapolis Royal.

I am available to provide sessions in person, via Skype, Face time and or by Telephone.  

I was born and raised here in the valley and feel truly blessed to be able to open a small business and stay in this area as many people have to relocate for work.

My style of counselling is an empathetic, supportive, and  empowering approach. I am not the cure but rather an assistant to the change agent, the client themselves.